Hello you crazy Hooman! Welcome to the family!

We are 8 (accidental) Chartered Accountants set out on our journey to madness. Three years ago, we were just regular adults who realized how tremendously our lives changed once we entered the Corporate Sector. The jobs are destined to suck your blood. Once you leave from office, traffic takes a significant time and whatever’s left is spent on either streaming apps or on the couch snoozing.

We realized that most of the working class is not following any hobby or passion and as a result is anxious and stressed. What followed next was birth of FINSOCIAL, a community of finance professionals where we curated experiences for this community where people like us could engage themselves in activities and meet like minded people. We did experience based trips, house gigs (Baithaks) where homemade food would steal everyone’s heart, mini concerts with homegrown artists, literature meets, open jams at heart of the city, foodwalks, dance workshops etc.

After 2 years of curating such experiences for people from finance background, we started getting requests from people from different walks of life for getting access to our events. Though at the beginning, we were skeptical, but the love we have received from this community has been phenomenal!

This led to our transition from FinSocial to WeSocial. While FinSocial catered to only finance people, WeSocial is more accepting and inclusive. We are a lifestyle aggregator brand building a social community of people, while giving them a platform to meet like minded individuals and form connections in this dense, digital world.

We millennial often forget that no matter how much money is in our pockets, the true essence of life is in doing what we love, in making the most of the little moments, in experiencing and breathing in new locations, in meeting strangers and sharing stories and in conversations and shared silences.

And that’s exactly what we are here for! To take care of your happiness!

While this journey has been no less than a roller coaster ride, we are still 8 regular guys who are looking for craziness and spunk in life and finding pleasure in curating happiness for y’all!

Reach out to us at hello@wesocial.network or WhatsApp us at +91-7011522915.

Big Bear Hugs,