Can you hear the music?

Music is one of the foundation pillars of our community. Our flagship event “Harmonies” was initiated to bring together the homegrown artists from across the country and give them a chance to perform in front of a audience which is willing to welcome and accept them with open arms. For Harmonies, Monster Energy and Kadence are our two major partners.

From classical to pop, from jazz to hip hop, we have all genres covered when it comes to singers and it goes without saying that we are proud of our community. And the soul with which each one of them sing, anyone would be awestruck.

There is something about music. The way it binds us together despite our differences, our caste, creed, language, nationality. Its impalpable how it creates familiarity among strangers, that sense of belonging. Music knows no barrier and no boundaries. It belongs to no one and it belongs to everyone simultaneously.

We always say that we are a crazy community. And what do you expect from a bunch of crazy folks? Madness personified! Presenting the most fun rendition of “Kyunki Saans Bhi kabhi bahu thi” by our community!

Do you also want to perform in our next Harmonies? Comment and tell us what song would you like to perform/hear?


Praveen Kumar

i am singer I will sing patriotic song ..please provide me slot and update about the same

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