Not all those who wander are lost

At WeSocial, we don’t believe in the concept of tourists. We believe in the concept of a backpackers. As a tourist, when you visit any new place, you only see the highlights, click pictures and come back. However, as a backpacker, you explore the entire new place, interact with the locals, you breathe the city in and hence, you become that city.

With us, you just don’t book your logistics. Infact, you sign up for an experience. We take care of who you will be travelling with, what will be the on road fun experiences for you. We take care of not only the food for your body, but also the food for your soul. Hitherto, we have curated 5 experience based trips. All of them have been to places which are no commercialized.

Parvati Valley : On 16 June 2017, 32 enthusiasts set on 2 days trip to the lush green Parvati valley situated in Devbhoomi, Himachal Pradesh.

Astroport : A tour of Sariska, Rajasthan might come across as uninteresting to many, particularly those who’ve known it only for its not-so-appealing safari. Spending the weekend there would surely seem boring, right? Well, not when you realise it’s home to a unique ‘Astroport’, offering some of the most breathtaking views of the night sky in the country! Add to that a sweet little visit to a village and a one-of-its-kind pathshala Phunsuk Wangdu would be proud of, and you know you’re in for an experience likely to be anything but ordinary.

Dhanaulti, Uttarakhand : Our special 26 left from Delhi in March 2019 for fun and adventurous camping in Camps Awara, Dhanaulti, Uttarakhand. We very aptly called this trip, “Awaragardi in the Mountains” because boy! the amazement of this trip was unparalleled.

Tirthan Valley : 40 people accompanied us to the soulful and peaceful mountains. This time, our moto was to reclaim ourselves. The quintessential rivers and the meadows surely helped us listen to our own heartbeats.

Pushkar ki Pukaar : The Famous Camel Fair could not be missed. Beauty is witnessing people joining us as “solo travelers” and leaving with an entire tribe. Rajasthan has a vibe to it, a subtle feeling of home. And its no brainer that we feel comfortable as soon as someone says, “Madhaaro Mhaare Des”.

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