Shoonya-An Experience by Umang Vatsal Tyagi

Yogacharya Umang Vatsal has graduated from University of Delhi and later pursued master’s in yoga science from Patanjali University under the world-renowned Swami Ramdev Ji. He is also certified in Chinese acupressure and Energy healing.

During his time at Masters, he rigorously studied and acquired the knowledge of vedas, the Indian yogic system and other alternate therapies (like Naturopathy, acupressure, energy healing) and realized that there is a hidden treasure in our historical documents which can help people lead a life with a clear identified purpose and is also the key to unlock the full potential of our body.

This initiative is to simplify and decrypt all the learnings from Yoga Science, Vedas and other ancient texts and make them available to the youth and modern-day people for easy adoption in real life. He wants them to take control of their lives, pause in their busy schedules, experience and feel the true nature of your being with the help of Yogic techniques.

His short-term mission is to train 1mn+ modern day Yogis in next three years.

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