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These are the events specially curated by our inhouse team of crazy enthusiasts who have a knack of bringing unique experiences on the table.

Dance ka, music ka, house parties ka, sports ka, art ka, game nights ka-sabka intezaam karega re tera WeSocial 😎


Tushar Mehta 73

Today got a chance to be part of WeSocial Event, Online Pictionary. What an amazing game it was! Earlier before joining, i was thinking to leave it in between as was having exam tomorrow. But how this event bind me was phenomenal. Loved it! It completely relaxed me. It really made my day amazing, memorable. Super Excited for next Saturday Game Night. : )


    The concept/idea of the community is great. Reliving what people generally cherish on social media which is just a sharing platform nowadays. This organization truly lives up to the word Social and the idea of Facebook and gets people to socialize rather than just being plane online connections. Even in times of Corona they are getting people closer, be it virtually even.


    Their Saturday game nights are the one to watch out for. Amazing twists and stories are unfolded plus their management is so cordial and comfortable with everyone. They organize everything with such ease and perfection. Har concept ka mixture hain yeh and baaki sab ko fail kar rhe hain. Asli support inhe krni chahiye, but kya kare duniya usse cringe se fursat mille toh na, dhang ka kuch join/ share karenge.


So first of all thankyou for organising such type of event. It was really a fun and interactive session.Being an introvert person i hesitate to interact with new people but you guys are just amazing. I had great time. Looking forward for the next such fun event.🤘

Radhika Somani

Thankyou for organising this fun game. You guys are so much fun. It was a wonderful experience. Had lovely time interacting with new people. Looking forward to more such fun events!!!


After almost a year, I enjoyed to the fullest and laughed heartfully. What a sessions n it was. Waah!!!

Thank you wesocial for this memorable session.


Thank you my guys for the amazing amazing movie game night!! You guys were the best hosts ever! Had lots of fun interacting and playing with everyone. Thank you for the entertainment, looking forward to participating every saturday! Thank youuuu ❤

Rakesh Agrawal

Had a Great time guys… Great game & wonderful experience.. Thanks for organising such great events…. Already excited for the next Saturday night…….


So this was my second time with you guys. It was as amazing as it was before. Although i couldn’t guess the movies🤣 but it was really a fun to be a part of this.

Sheena soni

It was an awesome blossom event. Thanks shriya for the great movies you come up with:D it’s always fun to be with you guys. Looking forward to more fun events 😀


That was an amazing event once again from the Wesocial. Enjoyed to the fullest. Today I got to know that I’m no where near bollywood stream… Lol.,

Thank you for you efforts

Tushar Mehta 73

Guess the movie event! it took my heart! The fun, enjoyment, memories that we had made are beyond the words. The intial game of damsaras and those funny guesses, amazing yaar. I stood first Wow! :0 this weekend game acts like an happy ending for the week and relaxes me from entire week’s tensions, bad days. Making me wait eagerly for next sat night. 😉 Super duper excited for it. Loved it ❤❤


Bluffmaster a nicely crafted well organised wonderful fun game. I got to learn many new hindi words. Very innovative and highly entertaining. Thank you wesocial . A brilliant session as usual.


You guys are so much fun. It was a wonderful experience. Had lovely time interacting with new people. Looking forward to more such fun events!!!

Tushar Mehta 73

Todays game “Bluffmaster” was such a “Harra bharra” game 😉 with shreya worthmeme content. 😂 Lakdi ka लड़की – लकड़ी😂 These game, creativity of Shreya and Gaurav is phenomenal. These games make me waits everytym for the saturday of the week and made my day best. ❤❤

Prathamesh Ranadive

You guys are amazing, gotto meet new people, gotto have so much fun on a gloomy night. Very fun and engaging event. Can be even better if you guys incorporated more fun games, would personally let you know if I come up with something fun as well


Had a Great time guys… Great game & wonderful experience. This was my second time with you guys. It was as amazing as it was before.

Tushar Mehta 73

One more saturday with you guyz was as usal phenomenal and full of enjoyment. Today end with musical session and Anonymous Prank was lit 🔥.

Rakesh Agrawal

It’s always a great experience joining with you guys… Meeting new people and some old friends unexpectedly too….. Special thanks to you guys for even reminding on last moments….

Thanks for the weekly dose of fun and entertainment

Dandwani Jyoti Mukesh

What is there not to talk about such lovely gathering… Indeed such cheerful humble host that anxiety of meeting new people just dissolved in few minutes .. such fun I had in a long time .. please engage in such and have a nice time


A fantastic session as usual. Fabulous work shriya and gaurav. Perfect for a joyful Saturday. Thank you.

Tushar Mehta 73

Todays game was an epic. Bollywood fun was lit. Enjoyed it a lot. Gaurav missed Rishab and in this way, skipped his singing. Revenge jld liya jayega. 😉 Overall it was mind blowing event.

Dandwani Jyoti Mukesh

Another wonderful amazing evening… What’s great is the evergreen spirit of the people hosting that how so much you enjoy in such a limited period of time . . As usual the spontaneity and variety had our jaws jammed on smiles and laughters

Dandwani Jyoti Mukesh

Another fun weekend. Loads of laughter and fun. Never believed online meetings could be this fun . Thanks to the amazing people organizing this.

Abhishek Agarwal

New year came with a good blast. Spending some quality time and had a blast at our cycling event😀

Aashna Bhatia

Last week I participated in the first game night and “Iski topi Uske sir” was worth every single minute of the two hours spent that night. Amazing host, super fun videos, a well executed game night. Looking forward to more such fun filled events!


Great session in bringing wonderful people together. Had loads of fun in “monkey baat”, thank you wesocial for giving a wonderful push in such a boring life.

Tushar Mehta 73

Again got a chance to be part of “Monkey ki baat” – “मन की baat”. Amazing session. This time the hilarious moments got me ache! Everytime how they managed to think over us, to get such games is phenomenal. Thanks wesoc for adding this fun spice in usal life. ❤


Another wonderful amazing evening. You guys are so much fun. It was a wonderful experience. Had lovely time interacting with people. Thanks for organizing these events.

Setu Vats

I’m glad that I joined today or else I would’ve never met such an amazing group of people with so much enthusiasm and positive energy.

In these times when everything is so chaotic, if you are looking for something that will charge you up and fill your day with happiness then my friend Wesocial is for you.

Keep up the good work guys, godspeed.


Meeting new like minded people from various streams is the top notch activity of this entire session. Fun unlimited session as usual. Thank you wesocial for such wonderful times.


This was just a classic experience!! Maza aagya!! 😇😇. increase the frequency of cycling!


Had a great time!! It was an amazing event and i had wonderful experience. Thankyou wesocial.


Had a Great time guys… Great game & wonderful experience.. Thanks for organising such great events….

reetu bhardwaj

The meet was amazing made my weekend sorted 😍😍

Dandwani Jyoti Mukesh

It’s the comfort and happiness that you never would have had with people you met few seconds ago ..on your own .. the games are refreshing and unique from the hardwork behind it and the way the hosts are so amazing in carrying the crowd . Superb


Great event to bring out the so called kalakar from you. Shriya and gaurav nailed the session. It was great fun. Thank you wesocial


All peoples are awesome and funny. Had a great time with you all. These events maybe the next thing to cure depression and anxiety


Great session took us back to 90’s.
Made some new memories revoking the old ones. Got an opportunity know you people a bit more. Thank you wesocial.

Samiksha Jain

We attended the Saturday Game Event: Dhundhte Reh Jaoge. It was an amazing experience meeting new people and doing fun activities together. Great job WeSocial! Thank you for the great evening.

Akhil Mittal

Thank you Shriya and Gaurav for being such good hosts.
Attending Wesocial’s
first offline event was fun and amazing.

Rakesh Agrawal

Attended my first offline event with wesocial and what a crazy evening it was… The hosts are amazing and do such hard work and preparations to make our evening crazy… It’s such a crazy and fun evening you would never want to end… Hats off guys


The “Dhundte Reh Jaoge” event was such a joyful ride. The hosts did an amazing job to keep everyone engaged and entertained. The band performance by “Kal Hi Milay” was just the perfect cherry on top. Kudos to WeSocial!


Well we did a lot of things this time from bringing out that hook step to the child inside you with the games we used to play. Fantastic evening, spent well, met new people.

Thank you Wesocial for a memorable evening

Palaque Sharma

Thank you everyone for this beautiful experience! It was an absolute delight to witness every single performance today. Looking forward to more such gatherings :”) ♥️

Sumit Chauhan

Art is All About Connecting & these people are doing it really well. Ambience is good, their Ideas are outstanding and show goes in Flow.
Loved These people


It was a lovely event and I thoroughly enjoyed the poems, stories, music. And what not! ❤ It was a much needed event midst the tough times we are going through. Thanks a lot.

Reetu Bhardwaj

The game nights are the best to release all my stress and make new friends. Love all the games, lagaan and the chit-chats. 🙂

Aakarsh Srivastava

The game night on 24th April 2021 was awesome…good laughs, something nice to do with positive people and positive vibes all around, especially during these uncertain times. Awesome community😎


Today was my debut with wesocial grp and I thoroughly enjoyed the session, all the masti, chit chat n games .. made me feel I’m enjoying an in-house party.. Lots of love to everyone..Keep Rocking


It’s was super fun Interacting with different souls tonight 😍. Curated social events amidst lockdown and a break from monotony !
Thanks ❤ we social for this warmth and love !


Enjoyed today’s session.. had fun.. realised that one thing I shudnt never do is drawing.. so today’s learning for me.. but on a serious note it was fun.. I would suggest the team to post the registration link on Wed/thur instead of Friday so that more ppl can join .. More people more dhamaal..

Reetu Bhardwaj

The workshop was really mind-relaxing and helped me relax and feel happy… would love to attend more workshops like this …

Rakesh Agrawal

Every saturday night… It’s a great fun and relaxation to join with these guys… Specially in these times when World is full of negativity… WeSocial provides you moment where you forget all these…. Special thanks to Tushar & Manjiri for leading the show when our promoters were unfit… I wish Shriya and Gaurav a very speedy recovery and host a power pack show we know them for….

Ashima Bath

The Zendoodle workshop today by Ananyaa Bath was absolutely fantastic. In times like these we need a creative outlet as well as happy people with happy faces.
Well done indeed and looking forward to more of these.


I was part of the Zen-Doodle Workshop. I really loved the experience! The organisers were quite interactive and fun. And I found the whole doodling session calming and therapeutic. I had a great time! <3


I was a part of the tandoori game night .. no doubt it was so fun…for people like us who are so introvert and barely have friends . Suchha good feeling to know new people . I really didn’t feel like I’m meeting strangers. Thanks a lot. Hope we are all connected later on also.


A very nice session in enlightening us with the stipple art. That’s really gonna help with anxiety and stress. Thank you Santa for this great session.
Wesocial you rock as usual.


Thank You Prantik for this amazing session !!

Bhargav B.V

Thank you for the amazing Saturday Atrangi game night , it was truly Atrangi in nature and was absolutely fun and engaging , Thank you Manjiri and Gaurav for hosting it !!

Mittali Sharma

I attended the dessert therapy by talented smita aggarwal mam. She taught the recipe in a very simple way and the mousse was looking so beautiful and yummy. As it was father’s day I just gave it to my dad and he loved it, one of the best experiences I ever had. Thank you so much guysss! Keep up the good work and I would love to attend more workshops in future❤️❤️

amit shah

Hi this is -Pavitra Shah
Today got a chance to be part of WeSocial Event,and honestly I love Smita’s chocolate mousse and she has used such less ingredients without making it complicated.
Loved it

Sukhpreet kaur

Thank you for the amazing sessions, be it mandala workshop or the chocolate mousse workshop. Both were top notch and I had a wonderful experience. Would love to join future workshops too. Keep up the good work.

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