Coffee Art Therapy Session

by WeSocial Exclusive

Sunday 30th May 2021

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at 18:00, In -238 days

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Event Description

When there is chaos everywhere and the mind needs to calm down, what better than art to the rescue? Join us as we make creative coffee paintings in  Art Therapy session with Ms. Aakansha Arora.

What is covered in the Workshop?

  1. What is Coffee Art
  2. Basis of Coffee Art
  3. One Artwork
  4. Tips and tricks
  5. QnA

Material required:

  1. A4 size sheets
  2. Coffee Powder
  3. Water in a bowl
  4. Painting Brush
  5. Colour Palette/any plate
  6. Pencil
  7. Eraser
  8. Waste cloth

Once you register, you will receive the Google Meet link 1 hour before the session on your email id.

This is a free experience. 

People Who are attending

Serali Murmu

Hitisha Khandwani

Ina Mongia

Boski Kalra

Amrita Kumar

Anagha Kamath

Sonia Manglani

Reshma Uday Nayak

Vanshika Singh

Palak Kherajani

Mannat Kaur

Khushi Gupta

Pragati Raaj

Mrinalini Art

Indu Thakur

Mona Sumaria

Harshita Bhasin

Ananyaa Bath

Ash’s Chronicles

Aadya Mittal

Meera Nagda

Pranjal Chadha

Aditi Deo


mona sd

Sarika A

Sulakshana Tikoo

Dravya Lunia

Shruti Manudhane

Krishka Mohan

Tanya Batra

Vansh Chowdhary

Shelly Aggarwal

Dia Vora

Pooja Sachdeva

Shreya Pandey

Preeti J

Kamal Virk

Mansi Gada

Yash Vi

Madhvi Katyal

Tanisha Gupta

Meghana Gadekar

Khan Sarah

Ruchika Rawal

Prutha Shirke

seema acharekar


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