Freestyle Dance Therapy Session

by WeSocial Exclusive

Sunday 13th June 2021

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at 18:00, In -7 days

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Event Description

When mind and body are in sync, you are bound to relax your senses. And what is better than Dance Therapy where you can move your body and get rid of all the anxiety and nervousness?

Join us for a Freestyle Dance Therapy Session with Shadan Mansur who will take you through the journey of self-discovery through movements.

Requirement for the session:

  1. Your beautiful smile
  2. Your enthusiasm
  3. Comfortable clothes.

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This is a free experience. 

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People Who are attending

Ranjini Nag

Soumya J

shrishti sharma

Suraj Jeswara

SunnyAkaFlame Flame

Smita Agarwal

Manvir Singh

rasika bhagavat

Suman S

Sumer Rai

Siddharth Manchanda

Priyanka Parida

Ramya Vish

Drashti Gandhi

Pallavi Parkhi

Akansha Deb

Paramita Chakraborty

Ankit Giri

Subhangi Gaur

Triparna Chakraborty

Moubani Sengupta

Xavier Das

Tushar Mehta 73

Megha Bhardwaj


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