Saturday Game Night – Banao Banao

by WeSocial Exclusive

Saturday 20th March 2021

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at 20:00, In -309 days

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Event Description

“Banaao Banaaao” can have a lot of meanings to it. It could mean that you have to con someone, it could mean that you have to assemble something or maybe draw something. What is it going to be be this Saturday? Like always, you can’t tell unless you join tomorrow for Saturday Game Night- Banao Banao sharp at 8 PM! Don’t be late. Otherwise the gamemaster will take Dugna Lagaan from you!

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Once you register, you will receive the meeting link 4 hours before the game time.

People Who are attending

Manjiri Patil

Shubham Jain

Tushar Mehta 73

reetu bhardwaj

Jayachandra Bendi


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