Saturday Tandoori Game Night

by WeSocial Exclusive

Saturday 8th May 2021

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at 21:00, In -260 days

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Event Description

WeSocial Network presents 20th installment of Saturday Game Night which enables you to meet like-minded people from across India and have crazy conversation. The typical (online) game night begins with a round of introductions, followed by the Lagan Pratha (because let’s be honest there are no free lunches in this world, LOL!). And then, after you have mingled with the people and gotten comfortable, we begin with the actual game night!

If you are looking to make your Saturday nights happening but are too afraid to step out of the house, this experience is for you!

People Who are attending

Naman GOEL

Reetu Bhardwaj

Samrat Bhowmick

Yasha Jain


Aryan Raj

Ansh Aggarwal

Riya Gupta

Vinayak Dhanuka


Madhul Khaita

Sakshi Jain

Abhishek Bahal

Nishika Vakharia

Zahida Shamim

Aditya Agarwal

GOKUsan Gokhale

Dakhsh Malhotra

Mahesh Babar

Komal Agarwal

Tanya Gupta

Prakhar Agrawal

Varun Sharma

Anoushka Chati

Rudraksh Deveshwar

Siddharth Manchanda


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