Watercolor floral Therapy Session

by WeSocial Exclusive

Sunday 4th July 2021

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at 18:00, In -326 days

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Event Description

When there is chaos everywhere and the mind needs to calm down, what better than art to the rescue? Join us as we make creative artworks in the Watercolor Floral Therapy session with Ms. Mrinalini 

Material required:.

*watercolour sheet
*water colours
*paint brushes
(Round brush- zero no., 2 no., 4no.)
*plate for colourmixing

Once you register, you will receive the Google Meet link 1 hour before the session on your email id.

This is a free experience. 

People Who are attending

Sonal M


Reshma Uday Nayak

Mittali Sharma

sukhpreet kaur

Mona Sumaria

seema acharekar

Deepa Kushwaha

Shubham Joddar

Siddharth Manchanda


Sonia Manglani

Dakshyani Vasudev

Vanshika Singh

supriya saha

Ramela Kennedy

Nadya Merchant

Sanbhavi K

Surendra Kumar Sahu


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